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Solar Powered comms hut. Frog designed and developed a stand alone solar power comms hut with 13m wind up mast.

After more than a year in full operation without any need for external power, the design’s been hailed an outstanding success – so much so that the client is now wanting a total of 10. click to see more

Generator Sound Proofing bunding and fuel safety cut off system

Adding new computer equipment to one of the Comms huts required an increase in air-conditioning capacity. Frog designed and installed new bracketing and commissioned the 2 extra AC units.

Our 43m reach EWP carrying out works on a 30m comms tower for QGC

30m guyed tower install. Frog carried out all the cyvil including mast and guy foundations connection of mains power generator earth grids Showing 48v DC back up

Temporary Generator upgrade including auto change over switch

2 extra banks of batteries have been added to the 48v DC system.

Frog has built 28 of these communication huts.  These units are robust and provide value for money.

Frog carried out the earth works and installation of this Comms Hut

30m mono pole Installation of foundations for monopole.

Our comms riggers Frog is on the job carrying out telecommunication installation maintenance and repairs in the Surat Basin.

We can install point to point and multi point solutions.

we are a Wave1 and Cambium partner

33m Skid and 30m trailer mast The pump up trailer mast has provided early comms on a number of occasions the ability to assemble the tower in a short time has been very valuable.

Frog fabricated the reo cage shown

Automation RC 500 RTU installation and configuration to report on the solar comms hut status.