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Short Video of some of our work.

CSQ Funded training. This is our Sue having some fun

Moving Proto type comms hut to make room for permanent solution. By spending time planing the job we were able to remove the need to use an EWP to dismantle the tower.  Competent, qualified and experienced lift personnel were 100% confident that lifting the comms hut with fittings attached was simple and safe.


List of out comes

  1. Removed the need for 2 extra people on the road 

  2. The job was shortened from 2 days to 1 day

  3. Wells were only off line for around 15min instead of 2 days

  4. Personnel were back with there families sooner

Joel's coordinate skills were that good the wells came back on line with the 1st placement of the comms hut!!!

A Big thank you to LCR, Permit issuers Woleebee Cr and all our team for a fantastic result.

Frog has a stand at the Mining Expo in Toowoomba.

We had great success and a lot of fun at the expo.  We gave away more than 1000 chocolate frogs, met some exciting people and got a purchase order for work the very 1st day. Thank you to all who made this event posable.

From left Joe Shields, Jed Robinson, Selena Robinson, Ron Robinson, Andy Clare, Joel Harris, Sue Kruitbosch.

From left, Andrew Riches Care-flight pilot, Selena Robinson

We have been fortunate enough to have a feature article about our solar comms hut in the MEA Magazine.  A big thank you to all who made this possible.  To get all the facts go to the link below.

Added 19 June 15.

Added 19 June 15.

David Finn From Wave1 came to visit thank you David for your time.

Our Selena Robinson and her dad Ron in The Chronicle Photos: Bev Lacey The Chronicle